They were alone, far from the village square. Even if she decided to shout, no one would hear or help her.  Not only that, Abayo would get angry and threaten to kill her.

He would be more aggressive towards her.

“Remove your clothes. It’s getting dark.” He wisphered.
“You will enjoy it this time if you cooperate, I promise.”

She stood still. Only her lips trembled and quaked, ready to burst into screeching wails. Each time he had her, she always had unbearable pain in her crotch for more than three days. He always came in very fast, voilent and aggressive. She would cry for days, hiding it from everyone. The physical and psycolgical trauma were driving her nuts. But she couldnt tell anyone. Not even her Uncle’s wife. No one would believe her, and he might
kill her or send her away from his house. Where would a poor orphan go to? She had no one else.

When she hesitated, he rammed his mouth into hers and reached out for his blouse to pull it up aggressively.
“OKay…okay…okay…”She cried.
“Please, I’ll take it off. Please.” Hot salted tears ran down her cheeks. She knew he could shred off her clothes in anger. She reluctantly began to pull off her clothes until there was no piece of clothing on her. She sobbed as she dropped them on a nearby rock. Abayo watched and gapsed has she became unclad. He swallowed hard at the sight. In a Jiffee, he
pulled off his clothes and ran her to the grass, going as fast as he could, like a possessed boar.

She cried and tried to push him away due to the pain, but her strength was little and she was frail. What strength could a female teenager probably posses? He pinned her down like an cock mounting a hen. She stood
no chance.

The pain became more unbearable, yet he went on. She turned her face and clenched her teeth in horror.

“Help! Help! Help!” She shouted, hoping someone would come to the stream and rescue her. But the chances were little, since it was already dark. No one fetches water in the evening.

While screaming, she suddenly noticed a small igneous rock, lying close to her. She reached out for it. She was to hit it hard on his head.

She raised it up and descended it on his forehead. She didn’t think of what could happen to him. She didn’t care. All she cared about was getting out his grasp.

Suddenly, her hand froze and hung. It couldn’t move again. He had seized her hand before she could land it on his head. He took the rock away from her and flung it away. He then descended a hot slap on her right cheek.

He was not done yet, so he tried to focus on regaining his sensation.

While he seemed distracted, she quickly pushed him off with all her strength and he fell away like a sack of onions. Before he could regain his balance, she stood up quickly and aggressively stomped her right foot on his hard, red blood filled crotch. She immediately stepped on it the second time and quickly marched it the third time.

It seemed to break or bend. Either ways, it was badly impaired.

He screamed and held his grions. He rolled in the sand. He had never experienced pain in such intensity before. He eyes were opened wide like that of a frog and his teeth froze together. A sharp and severe migraine
developed instantly and his body was covered in sweat. He kept rolling and rolling, screaming and gnashing his teeth.

Adufe stood, watching him as he rolled in pain. She also felt pain in her grions but it was negligible, compared to what she was looking at. She felt no remorse. He got what he deserved. Her eyes were red and her face was

When the screams got to loud, she took her underpants which he ordered her to pull off and forced into his mouth as he lay. He couldn’t fight back. He was badly weak and terribly in pain.

“Shhh! Stop screaming like a girl.” She whispered. “Now, you know the meaning of pain. But I’m not done with you yet,” she said as she dragged
him into the stream.

She dug his face into the water for over fifteen seconds. He struggled and wiggled his head, trying to bring his face above the water. But his strength failed him. She brought his head out. He gapsed and coughed out the water. He looked at her face. He only saw it dimly. The usual smile was gone. It was strange and unusual; cold and emotionless.

It was like a demon was just beneath her skin empowering her. Her eyes were full of hatred and the lust to kill. She dug him into the water again, it was longer this time. He almost gave up.

She lifted his head one more time.

“Please..” He quivered and said faintly. His voice was gone.

“Have mercy.”

“You have had it your way all this while. Today is the day
you pay for your sins.”

Her voice echoed in his ears.

“…no…please…” he heard himself saying as she dipped his face one more time. She clenched her teeth as she held his head under water.

He struggled for a while and let go.

Suddenly, it was quite, dark and cold.

Water ran into his lungs.

His lungs exploded.

Darkness covered the face of the earth.

Oladokun Oladapo Jedubass