Not again, not when she thought she had found the one. Okay, this might be a bit confusing for people to understand but Karina had always been lonely, anyone who came into her life wasn’t bound to last but still Karina had not given up on love she had still fought for what she believed in, which was true love. Most people would think that Karina would have given up on love by now but she hadn’t and today she had failed yet again.

The guy she had only started dating for two weeks now had proven himself the greatest cheat on planet earth. She thought they had something. She had even started thinking about a future with him, about having kids
with him, but Nelson had shown her yet again why she shouldn’t fall in love, why she should just stop thinking about the existence of true love,but she still had hope. She wasn’t getting any younger, her family were
beginning to ask questions which she could not provide answers to.

Sometimes she suspected that her problem might be spiritual. Even ugly girls had true love, then why not her, she wasn’t ugly, in fact she was very presentable but what the heck was wrong in her, a question which she still couldn’t provide an answer to.


“Please do not lie to me, for crying out loud I am not a fool. You slept with her. I can not believe you did that after promising me heaven on earth, I was such a fool to believe you Nelson, I was such a fool to fall in love with you “Karina said crying and hitting Nelson on his chest.

She was so hurt, she felt so betrayed. She had fallen in love with him already. The fool had made her fall in love. She hated this feeling, she hated the fact that every guy she dated made her fall in love and afterwards break her. She was too trusting, Nick had always told her not to put all her heart into a relationship but she always ended up waving him off. She believed that love was still out there. She believed that she would still find love someday.

Nick would be disappointed in her. Okay not like he would tell her but his expression always showed it. Nick was her best friend, they had met when they were in the university in her second year, ever since then they had hit it of and had became best friends. Her friends always teased her about how she loved Nick, but she ended up telling them that she only saw Nick as a brother. A brother who she cried to every time she was heart broken. A brother who she would run to yet again because of Nelson.

Nelson tried holding her, but she slapped his hands away from her. She didn’t need him touching her, she didn’t want him to ever touch her again.

“I am sorry Karina, I really love you. I am so sorry you found out, I
didn’t want you to” Nelson said calmly and Karina’s mouth dropped wide opened in shock.

No he didn’t just say that. She tried to convince herself.

“You didn’t want me to find out. How ridiculous. So this isn’t the first time you are doing this, you have been cheating on me all along, I just haven’t found out. Nelson leave my house now”,Karina shouted, crying.

Her heart ache had just gotten severe, she was trying so hard to breathe.

“Kari–” Nelson tried to speak but Karina wouldn’t let him speak.

“Nelson I said get out of my house, please get out don’t make me do something I would regret because I am not ready to go to jail, so if you love yourself you would get the heck out of my sight” Karina said her eyes closed.

She had shut him out of her heart. This was the end, there was no going back, no second thinking. This was it and Nelson saw it. He knew she had made up her mind and she wasn’t ever getting back with him. With heads bowed Nelson left and Karina sat on the floor crying. She picked her phone and dialed the only person’s number that could calm her down right now

“Hello Nick, I need you now, I just broke up with Nelson”