Karina sniffed and used the tissue to wipe away her tears.

“Nick,i thought Nelson was different,he acted so different,the silly fish
made me fall in love with him, only for him to smash my heart into a thousand pieces. Nick please tell me, where do i start picking my heart from?” she asked Nick with a serious look on her face.

Nick stared at her and laughed “the same place you always pick your heart from every time it gets broken” Karina hit him on the head playfully
“Nick cant you see that a heartbroken girl is dead serious?”

Nick smiled sadly and pulled her closer to him.

“I am tired of this guys treating you like this. I am tired of seeing you heartbroken, you trust these guys too much which is why you always end up this way”.

Karina frowned slightly.

“Nick please don’t sit down here and start psycho analyzing me. You actually think i do all this on purpose,that i trust this guys consciouslly? I
don’t know how it happens, but it always happen, I always end up giving them my all. I always end up being the one loosing”

Nick tried to control his anger.

“Then opt out of this game of Truelove for a little while, you take things too fast. Why don’t you go easy on this search for true love?”

Nick could see he had gotten her angry by the spark in her eyes.

“Nick I beg of you, don’t make me more mad than I already am. I called you here to console me, not preach to me. Would you keep on telling me this trash or would you console me?” Karina asked angrily.

Nick sighed and pulled her back close,he knew she was crying by the little moans that were coming out of her lips.

“Okay Karina,i give up trying to speak some sense into that thick skull of yours,for now though, but please give it a thought” Nick said patting her back which made her even cry harder. It was time she heard the truth,
he couldn’t keep wiping her eyes and nose every time she got dumped,but one thing he wished he could do was punch and beat the heck out of every guy that broke her heart.


Karina glared at the couple in front of her. If looks could kill,this two people would be six feet underneath the ground. Karina picked at her food and tried looking at any other place but their faces. She was so sure that
Tari was rejoicing about her unhappiness.

Karina wished that Nick didn’t have to tell Tari everything that happened in her life. Tari loved mocking her and Nick on the other hand saw Tari has an innocent which she was far from. Karina was so deep in her
thoughts that she didn’t notice Nick speaking to her.

“Karina” Nick called a second time before Karina jerked back as if she had been in a trance. Nick wished he knew what was going on in her head, had always wished he could read her mind.

“Did i miss anything”, Karina asked scowling at Tari who was wearing a false smile.

“Karina there is no need to have your panties in such a twist. Nick has been trying to get your attention for like the past five minutes”, Tari furthered Karina’s embarrassment by emphasizing the “five minutes”.

Karina ignored Tari and stared at Nick apologizing “I am really sorry Nick,i spoilt your lunch and I am sorry i need to go”.

Karina dropped her fork and carried her bag and left without Nick’s reply. She was bound to be alone, even her best friend had a better love life than hers and it was too painful to watch.


Karina tried so hard to concentrate on her laptop. She couldn’t even think straight. Her mind wasn’t settled, she felt guilty. Her phone rang for the fifth time that day, she had been ignoring Nick for a week now.

Bella gave Karina a knowing look.

“I still cant fathom why you refuse to pick Nick’s calls. For crying out Karina, this guy hasn’t even done anything wrong and yet you put him on high jump. He has been begging me to talk to you,to ask why you refuse to pick his calls”.

Karina sighed and pushed her laptop aside.

“Bells the fact is i am jealous of what Nick has with Tari, does that make me a bad person?”

Bella gave Karina a look filled with pity.

“I still don’t understand why the both of you are not together. Nick likes you, he has feelings for you. I can tell by the vibes that oozes out whenever he is around you. He treats you differently. He is always there when you need him. He even gives you more time than he
gives me, so what is going on?”

Karina scowled at Bella. Was this girl high?, she wondered.

“Bells did you smoke weed before coming to see me?” she voiced
her thoughts.

Bella frowned. She was used to Karina’s badattitude every time she and Nick’s name were mentioned in a sentence.

“And what is that supposed to mean? The fact I came here to talk to you about the poor boy doesn’t make me jobless. I think I am done here”.

Karina watched wide eyed as her second best friend walked out on her. Karina felt even more bad. She knew that Bella had always been
tolerant with her, but today had been a different story. She guessed she had pushed her to her limit. She felt lonely. She had pushed the two most important friends out of her life out.  Stared at her phone waiting for Nick’s sixth call,but he never called back.