Karina stared so hard at her phone that she was sure a hole would appear on the phone screen.

“I shouldcall him”, she said to herself,yet she made no attempt to dial his number.

“This is insane,this is my bestfriend not some other dude”

She finally made up her mind,throwing away her pride,she called him.
Karina:Hello Nick. How are u?
Nick:Dont do that.

He sounded as if he was trying to control his pain, and Karina felt even more guilty.

Karina: Dont do what?
Nick: Stop trying to act as if things are normal for christ sake. (He said harshly)
Karina: I am sorry I haven’t been picking your calls, i am really sorry i walked out on you. It was rude of me. I shouldn’t have. It was so rude of me and i apologize.

She pleaded hoping he dropped it.
Nick: I want to see you Karina. Can i see you please?
Karina: You are my best friend. Why not?
Nick: It didnt seem so wheb you walked out on me and refused to pick my calls Karina.
Karina: Nick,I have said I am sorry.
Nick: I know, you have said that. Meet me at The Royals by 4pm today.

With that the line went off.


Karina stared at her wrist watch,time wasn’t on her side. It was already 3 O clock. She dropped her phone on her bed, rushed to her wardrobe and pulled out a black dress. She took her time dressing up. She really had no idea why, but she could feel the tingles of butterflies in her belly.

This was Nick, her best friend, she reminded herself, yet the tingles still wouldn’t go.

Karina left her house in a rush, she didnt want to miss Nick. She didnt want him to wait. She drove on high speed, which she had never done before. This was so unlike her. She was doing things she didn’t usually do, feeling things she didn’t usually feel. This was weird. Extremly weird. She parked her car and came down dialing Nick’s line.

“Hello Nick. I am here already,where are you?” she asked walking inside The Royals.

She sighted him immedietly she entered, her breath hitched. She had never noticed him like this before. He had this aura about him that drew people to him, mostly ladies. Tari was indeed a lucky Dam, who didnt see how lucky she was. Karina drew herself out of her day dream.

Nick stood up and drew a sit out for her to sit.

“Karina, you look good”.

Nick couldn’t help but be mesmerised in her eyes, those eyes he had always admired. Karina smiled and sat down.

“Thank you Nick”

Nick took his sit.

“Karina you have been my friend for how many years now?” Nick asked, it was obvious he was heading somewhere.

Karina cleared her throat and answered him, “Six years now”.

Nick kept a straight face, a look that Karina had never liked.

“Good. You are aware I know almost every detail about you, how you rub your ears when you are nervous like you are doing now, how your eyes
twitch whenever you are sad, how you are always angry on your period days, how you always give people who get on your bad side a rude and snarky reply, how you love cuddling…………”

Nick stopped to clear his throat and continued,”then why do you hide things from me, why wouldn’t you tell me what is bothering you, I want to know what made you leave, what made you ignore my calls”

Karina rubbed the tip of ear lightly, she didn’t have an answer to give him. She couldn’t tell him that she hated his girlfriend’s guts,that she hated the fact he was with her,this was insane. She was about to give
him a reply when the waiter came to rescue her.

“Good day sir, how may i serve you?” the female waiter asked blatantly checking Nick out.

“I would have a bottle of water please, and sex on the beach for the lady” he said his eyes fixed on Karina.

“Okay sir,I would have the water and the cocktail drink here in a jiffy” with that the waiter left trying so hard to roll her hips. Karina rolled her eyes. Desperate fool.

“Did you see how hard she was trying to get your attention”,Karina asked

“Dont change the topic Karina. What made you leave?” Nick asked keeping his straight face.

“Nick I was in a foul mood. I am sorry. I have said that a thousand times, except you want me to start singing Justin Bieber’s Sorry” Karina asked, proud that her voice wasn’t shaking,she was so nervous.

“Why were you in a foul mood?” Nick asked and Karina on the other hand was yet saved again by the waiter who served Nick first winking at him.

Karina’s blood was almost boiling. The waiter turned to her with a sneer on her face, a sneer that Karina gadly returned. The waiter served her the cocktail and walked away rolling her hips again. Karina rolled her eyes.
Nick was staring at Karina.

“Please give me an answer”,Nick pleaded.

Karina stared into his eyes and said the truth, “It was because I was jealous, jealous of you and Tari”.


Nick’s lips were slightly ajar. He was suprised, suprised that Karina felt the same way he felt years back when they where in the university. He couldn’t believe it. He didn’t know what he could do. Things were
complicated, he was with Tari now, he couldn’t just break it off with her because his best friend just told him he was jealous. He had no idea on how to handle the whole issue.

“She might only be jealous because she just got out of a bad relationship and not because she loves me”, Nick said to himself.

Karina couldn’t stare at Nick straight in the eyes after admitting to him that she was jealous of his relationship. This was a mess. She had just messed it all up. His friendahip. The friendship she valued the most. He is
going to hate me, Karina thought to herself. Why did she even open her silly mouth to tell him the truth? She hated Tari but she didn’t want to be the one destroying their relationship.

Karina had to speak. She had to say something fast and quick but Nick beat her to it.

“Karina I know you just got out of a messy relationship and I understand why you would feel that way”

“I think this was a bad idea”, Karina said holding back her tears.

“You think what was a bad idea, coming here?” Nick asked confusion written all over his face.

“No, telling you I was jealous. Nick you are my bestfriend and I wouldn’t want to loose our friendship because I value it. So I am asking you to give me a little space, sometime to clear my head”. Karina’s confidence to speak without crying at this point was wavering.

Nick stared at Karina and he could see the pain she was trying so hard to hide. He would give her the time she needed. To keep their friendship he would sacrifice not hearing her voice, not seeing the beautiful smile of her’s, not hearing the music of her laughter for a short period of time. He could notice her eyes twitching and with the weight of the choking pain in his heart he gave her his reply and he watched her go.